"Language is not in exile."

Yiddish Saying

"די צונג איז נישט אין גלות."

  ייִדיש פֿאָלקסװערטל
Your Instructor
ייִדישער לערער
Reb Noyekh
ר' נח

"I am passionate about the Yiddish language and love introducing people of all ages to its richness, while delving deeper into its nuances."    


!אַזאַ מציאה

Aza Metsiye!

Learn new 
Yiddish words
and expressions with ease!  

What A DEAL! 

Associate Instructor
אַסאָציִיִרטער לערער
Gustavo Emos
גוסטאַוואָ עמאָס

"As a polyglot and Yiddish enthusiast, it is my greatest pleasure to introduce you to the treasures of this wonderful lively language and culture."    


Yiddish Coffee Hours

Reb Noyekh and Gustavo offer two ongoing coffee hours for their beginner and intermediate students. Meet students from across the program, schmooze in Yiddish, and chat with the instructors.

What Students Think

 וואָס סטודענטן מיינען

Norma, Intermediate


"Reb Noyekh has provided our group of Yiddish learners an avenue to absorb Yiddish grammar and to speak Yiddish in a fun and casual Zoom environment. Our Zoom group class has “breakout” rooms and a “whiteboard” where he

can instantly spell out Yiddish words or phrases. Our 1-1/2 hour sessions fly by as we learn and laugh in Yiddish. Each session is “freylekh” and gives us joy as we learn. I highly recommend his Zoom class and will sign up again.

Rafael, Intermediate


"Being a student of Reb Noyekh and Gustavo is a very special and rich experience. They provide an enchanting approach to the Yiddish language, in both their individual and group classes, with so much fun and mastery. As someone who began learning Yiddish a year ago, I've seen the tremendous progress I've made each week. Every nuance and subtlety that exist in the mame-loshn are widely explained through both grammar and art, when they bring music, poetry and other treasures of Yidishkayt to the lesson. I'm excited to be in a program with so many adorable khaverim, Yiddish lovers around the world, and with two excellent teachers!   

Daniel & Esther, Beginners


“We have enjoyed tremendously our Yiddish classes with Reb Noyekh. He has an enormous talent as a teacher, inexaustible patience, and excellent good will towards our students. He makes the classes interesting, challenging but not overwhelming. His knowledge and passion for Yiddish are contagious. We have learned so much in such a short time! He brings not only academic knowledge but also street smart, everyday use of the language.

Noyekh iz oykh a mensh!

Shoshana, Intermediate


"I’ve taken two classes with Reb Noyekh and have been impressed both times with how much work he puts into assuring his students are learning and enjoying it while they do. He has a deep understanding of Yiddish grammar and structure, as well as fluency speaking, along with the patience to answer as many questions as his students can think up to ask. We laugh in his class, but never at each other. As someone who didn’t learn Yiddish growing up, I especially appreciate the kind of classroom atmosphere Reb Noyekh encourages online: A community of Yiddish lovers who want to dig deeper together.

Yiddish Online
With Reb Noyekh & Gustavo


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