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ייִדיש אָנלײַן - האַרבסט 2023

          YIDDISH ONLINE - Fall 2023

All courses take place over Zoom in Pacific Daylight Time. Courses generally DO NOT meet on major Jewish and non-Jewish holidays, unless significant student response. All lessons are recorded and stored on Google Drive for student use. If interested in independent study, please email

All students are entitled to a weekly complimentary coffee hour on Monday mornings at 11am PT with Reb Noyekh. This is a perfect time to practice your Yiddish with students from across the program!

Prices vary. Classes are typically 12-week 1.5 hr group sessions, unless otherwise noted. $75 for his Gay Yiddish beginner conversation mini-course.* No refund after the first class. There is a $25 cancellation fee. For inquires regarding one-on-one sessions, please email

*Gay Yiddish is still being developed and tested. Student feedback is greatly appreciated. CHECK THE GAY YIDDISH TEXTBOOK HERE!

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Want one-on-one? Book a lesson here


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