FAQ - שאלות ותּשובֿות


What platform do you use for one on one sessions?

We use the zoom platform. Students sign up for a session on their study hall page and click the zoom link to join. For connected and supported study hall students, students first join a zoom webinar in which they are greeted and supported before joining their one on one session

What does the Zoom study hall motivational coach do?

The motivational coach offers support, structure, and motivation for each student. Imagine a combination of a cheerleader/ concierge/ coach. In the zoom session, the coach will be direct messaging each student to see what they are working on, helping them to get started, and encouraging them verbally as they work through the block. The coach will also be reminding students of upcoming sessions and answering quick questions over text.

How does a student or parent sign up for a one on one session in a study hall?

Students or their parents can sign up for a session by going to their study hall webpage (included at signout) and putting their name at the appropriate time with the appropriate tutor. See video

For the supported study, what does the executive functioining coach do?

The executive functioning coach meets one on one with a student and helps a student structure their day. The coach will help a student to identify what assignments are most pressing, how long each will take, check in on outstanding work, and help make a reasonable plan to give some structure to the student.

Who benefits from each model of study hall?

Timely Tutoring is for students who need lengthy check ins to explain content, plan larger assignments, or complete work. These are useful for essays, studying for tests, and quizzes, or for students who have fallen behind in their work. Self Directed Study Halls are for students who have no trouble starting their work and creating structure for themselves, but want the academic insurance of having experts there to support them when they encounter a roadblock-difficult problem, etc. Connected Study Halls are for students who have difficulty starting their work, are prone to procrastination and need a little bit more structure and encouragement in their routine. They know what they need to do, they just struggle to get started. Most of our study hall students are in connected study halls. Supported Study Halls are for students who need personalized one on one support in planning their daily homework regimen. These students typically struggle to keep track of assignments, due dates, and timelines. Additionally, they often struggle to get started in their work and need some more encouragement as they complete their work.

Can a student (or parent) book a study hall session before the study hall starts?

Absolutely. Booking a session early ensures that a student gets support with their preferred tutor at the start of a study hall. This is particularly useful for students who were confused during class, felt overwhelmed by an assignment, or are nervous about an assessment.

My student is reluctant to book a one on one session, even though they need it. What should I do?

Many students struggle to reach out initially, particularly with a tutor they don't know. That's why the 1st session with a new tutor is free. It gives the student and tutor an opportunity to check in. It also allows the student to meet 3 different tutors to identify who they most connect with and who they are most comfortable asking for help. Students talk about enjoying having this agency in the tutoring process. Once the student has identified their preferred tutor, we recommend that the parent and student book a few sessions together, to help demonstrate how easy it is and get the student more comfortable asking for help.

See below for frequently asked questions. Study the answers in order to get more familiar with the class and its online platform. If you should have any more questions, email Reb Noyekh at info@yiddishwithnoyekh.com