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FAQ - שאלות ותּשובֿות

  • Where do the classes take place?
    Classes take place over Zoom Pro. Upon booking the class, you will receive the link to the Zoom meeting. You will be notified by email of upcoming class sessions and, if you choose, by text as well.
  • What will I need to be prepared for the Zoom meeting?
    You do not need to purchase any software in order to participate in the class. However, you will need a decent computer, strong stable internet connection, and headphones. Logitech headphones are recommended. It's preferable that your computer be connected to your router via ethernet, but if you choose to rely on wifi make sure it's strong (5G is your best bet).
  • Are the classes recorded?
    Yes, all classes (including some breakout sessions) are recorded and stored on Google Drive. Shortly after the first class session, students will receive access to the class folder, containing recordings of past sessions and other class materials. It's highly recommend one use the Google Chrome browser when viewing the Yiddish contents in the folder. The Yiddish letters in Google Slides and other documents may be distorted when viewing from other browsers. To download,
  • How do I access the class folder?
    Students will receive an email invitation to the class folder on Google Drive. The class folder contains the recordings of each class session as well as other class material. To avoid difficulties in obtaining access to the drive, please use a gmail account ending in "". It's also highly recommended that one use the Google Chrome browser when viewing the Yiddish contents from the drive. The Yiddish letters in google slides and other documents may be distorted when viewing from other browsers. To download,
  • What should I do if I experience technical difficulties?
    If you should experience technical difficulties during the class session, contact Reb Noyekh or Gustavo AFTER the session at and they will troubleshoot with you.
  • Where do I purchase the textbook?
    Yidish af yidish can be purchased here: Colloquial Yiddish can be purchased here:
  • How do I get access to the exclusive online flashcard sets?
    Before the first class session, you will receive an email invitation to the flashcards on Quizlet, as well as a set-by-set guide (with screenshots) on how to access and start using the cards. You may have to wait to be admitted into the class on Quizlet, but this should not take long. If you should have any difficulties, please email Reb Noyekh at
  • What are the online flashcards?
    For those taking a class with Reb Noyekh, you will receive access to exclusive online flashcards that contain all the vocabulary and expressions that you will be learning throughout the course. The cards are featured on Quizlet, a professional flashcard-making website, which will help you learn vocabulary in fun and dynamic ways. In addition to seeing the words, you will be able to hear each word pronounced in Yiddish by Reb Noyekh. What's more, Quizlet features interactive games to learn vocabulary. Users will be tested with multiple choice. All missed words will be reviewed on an algorithmic basis. These cards are a new addition to Reb Noyekh's courses. He would greatly appreciate your feedback. Please email him at with your comments.

See below for frequently asked questions. Study the answers in order to get more familiar with the class and its online platform. If you should have any more questions, email Reb Noyekh at

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