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Planters Matzo Kugel

In honor of Passover, we sent our students a recipe for Matzo Kugel from an old Yiddish-English cookbook "46 Ways to Pessach", featuring Planter's peanut oil.

My intermediate student, Yudis, a retired professor of

Talmud and Rabbinic Culture at JTS, made half the recipe for her and her husband. A full recipe would have been tsu fil!

Yudis improvised, sprinkling a bissel sugar on top.

How sweet!

She wasn't sure how to use oil to "dry" the matzah, so she just squeezed out the water un shoyn.

By the way, instead of peanut oil, Yudis used olive oil. She tells me that the ultra-Orthodox have banned all forms of peanut oil for Ashkenazi Jews, even though according to the Shulhan Arukh peanut derivatives are fine. Peanuts are kitniyot (or legumes) which is a no-no for Ashkenazi Jews on Pesach. Nu, azoy iz es...

Yudis muses, "A lot of fun to make the same recipe on Pesach that my mother and grandmother probably made".

יהודיתס מצה קוגל!

אַ שטיקל מצה קוגל, אפֿשר?

A gutn moyed aykh ale! Happy matzo week!

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