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to intern?

Reb Noyekh is searching for passionate part-time interns who have (and want more) experience in bookkeeping, back-end website management, and advertising (especially on Google and Facebook). In exchange for their time, all interns are entitled to free unlimited Yiddish group classes. An exclusive class just for interns is also a possibility. Email your 1-page resume to Reb Noyekh at Include at least one reference. 

Available internships: Marketing intern, Social Media Intern, Accounting Intern 

All interns must be proficient in Excel and Microsoft Word.  


Marketing Intern 


-developing and executing marketing strategy, branding (for Zoom), promotions, advertising and email campaigns, especially over Google, Facebook, and Reddit.  

Social Media Intern

-Assisting in the management, development, and maintenance of the social media presence for the Yiddish with Noyekh brand. This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and Youtube. Reports to the social media manager. Works closely with the marketing intern to execute advertising campaigns.

Accounting intern 

-Tracking and managing payments from students over Wix, PayPal, and Venmo. Managing expenses and keeping track of receipts. Transferring funds and confirming WIX payouts and funds to bank account. Issuing refunds.

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