"Reb Noyekh"

Noah Barrera is excited to offer you year-round online Yiddish courses from the comfort and accessibility of your own home. He has taught and coordinated Yiddish language and culture classes in major programs in NYC. He studied and subsequently taught Yiddish at the esteemed Uriel Weinreich Summer Program. In addition to his teaching, "Reb Noyekh" is a yiddish writer and translator. His works have appeared in the Yiddish Daily ForwardPakn Treger, and elsewhere. His academic translation, The Lost World of Russia's Jews, together with Professor Nathaniel Deutsch, of Abraham Rechtman's memoirs of Sh. An-sky's ethnographic expedition, is soon to be published by Indiana University. It can now be preordered here! Listen to a  Yiddish interview with him here.   

Gustavo Emos

Gustavo is an undergraduate student in literature at the University of São Paulo, and a language learning enthusiast. He is active in the Yiddish scene in the city. He volunteers his time at the Jewish Museum of São Paulo, organizing expositions, cataloging, and translating written material in Yiddish, Hebrew, and German. He is an experienced private teacher of Yiddish and German.

There's no place like home.”

Yiddish Saying

אומעטום איז גוט און אין דער היים איז בעסער."




The Zoom classroom experience features whiteboards and 

breakout sessions,

enabling students 

to work with their peers much like

in a Physical setting.


Reb Noyekh's students live from coast to coast and abroad, Learning yiddish 

wherever they are.    

What Students Think

 וואָס סטודענטן מיינען

Jonathan, Intermediate


“Reb Noyekh's online delivery is very accessible and provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for students separated by vast distances. Although I have only been studying with Reb Noyekh since the middle of 2020, we have covered a huge amount of content, both the Yiddish language and its particular cultural and historical contexts. These sessions are a highlight of my week and I can certainly recommend them!

Norma, Intermediate


"Reb Noyekh has provided our group of Yiddish learners an avenue to absorb Yiddish grammar and to speak Yiddish in a fun and casual Zoom environment. Our Zoom group class has “breakout” rooms and a “whiteboard” where he

can instantly spell out Yiddish words or phrases. Our 1-1/2 hour sessions fly by as we learn and laugh in Yiddish. Each session is “freylekh” and gives us joy as we learn. I highly recommend his Zoom class and will sign up again.

Feivel, Intermediate

New Jersey 

"My Yiddish improved immensely thanks to Reb Noyekh. He uses many methods and approaches, some surprising, and focuses equally on speaking, reading and writing.  Reb Noyekh is very in tune with the needs of each student. His online course is the next best thing to a full immersion. He has a vast and deep knowledge of Yiddish language, its history and development, but he also knows about the Yiddish spoken by various groups today, Yiddish culture and Yiddishkayt.

Nina'le, Intermediate


"I have taken three classes with Reb Noyekh and plan on taking more. He is a truly gifted teacher and I recommend him very highly! His classes are interesting, stimulating and fun. During the coffee hours, I had the pleasure of meeting Gustavo Emos, who is also an excellent teacher. Reb Noyekh and Gustavo are both fluent Yiddish speakers who have a deep love and appreciation of the language and culture. I look forward to taking more classes with them! 

Yiddish Online
With Reb Noyekh & Gustavo


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